The Chatterbugs ManualWelcome to the Chatterbugs Training Platform!

We are delighted that you have decided to introduce this Early Years Foundation Communication Skills programme to the children in your care and look forward to hearing how you have got on. Here you will find all the training materials you need to bring Chatterbugs to your setting.

Training Modules

There are four training modules which are tailored for specific users’ needs. Please work through the modules which are relevant to your role (see below). You can do so at a time that is convenient for you, can stop and start the videos if you need to take a break and can replay the training at the best speed for you by clicking in on the gear/settings icon at the bottom right of each video.

Module 1 – Introduction and Overview

This module is for all staff involved with Chatterbugs in your setting.

Module 2 – Chatterbugs Sessions

This module is for SENCOs /Chatterbugs coordinators and Teaching Assistants.

Module 3 – Chatterbugs Outcomes

This module is for SENCOS/Chatterbugs Coordinators and Teachers.

Module 4 – Chatterbugs Management & Support

This module is for SENCOS/Chatterbugs Coordinators.


Here you will find:

  • Videos of each of the Chatterbugs sessions in full so you can see how a session runs and gain inspiration!
  • Chatterbugs Activities suggestions
  • Management paperwork